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An excellent breed type kitten, Funtik who can't wait to meet you!

This sweet baby loves to be the center of attention and is sure to steal your heart!
The kitten was bred by the best European breeders and has perfect genetics; this is manifested in the character and health of the kitten. You will be amazed at how beautiful and gentle this baby is.
If you make this baby part of your family, the kitten promises to love you with all heart and never stop finding ways to show it to you.
You will never find a better friend than this baby.
Your furry friend will be loving, loyal, and devoted to you forever.
Baby kitten is very playful, so be ready to buy a toy! Never worry how this kitten will get along with other pets because this ball of happiness is very social and literally loves everyone!

Comes vet checked from nose to tail, current the best vaccinations, a 180 days health guarantee, passport, pedigree and includes hand delivery to you! It can be delivered to other states and worldwide as well!
We will supply you with a small bag of food to help your baby settle into his brand-new home!

Funtik is the perfect kitten missing from your life, so call and reserve today!
For more information, video, or photo of parents please text: +1 (347) 868-8877!

Funtik - British shorthair - Male - ny12 - 03/20/2023

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