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Q1. What type of payment do you accept?
We gladly accept Venmo, Zelle, and cash.

Q2. Are you a breeder?
We are an online store that works with breeders from Europe. Our professionals breed all kittens in a cozy and safe environment until we find a loving family for them. Our kittens are very gentle, affectionate, sweet, and friendly. Best for families with children and amazing with pets.

Q3. How I can place the order?
To place an order please call or text +1 (929)8885346 to confirm your choice and to make sure if the kitten is still available.

Q4. Do you have any papers that must be signed?
After we confirm the kitten, you will receive a contract that must be signed with your agreement and all information about our company.

Q5. Should I pay all amount at once?
The collection of reservation is $300. Can be paid by Zelle or Venmo.  The rest of the amount must be paid when the kitten is delivered to you.

Q6. Why do I have to wait so long for my kitten?
We bring kittens to the USA after they are turned 16 weeks old. Usually, shipping takes between 1-2 weeks after you have placed the order and paid a deposit.

Q7. Can I see kittens first, choose one and then pay a deposit?
We don’t keep all kittens in our location. We are an online store. 
You always can request more information about each kitten. We will be glad to send you more pictures and videos, pictures of their parents, and personality information, also when you get a kitten you will get a care note about your new friend

Q8. I live in another state, do you provide delivery?
Deliveries in NYC are included in the price.
We offer delivery for a reasonable price to other states of the USA. Price varies by destination.

Q9. What should I take with me to meet my kitten?
You don’t have to take anything.
We provide you with a carrier, 72 hours of food supply anyway, even if you decided to pick up your kitten by yourself.

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